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TLC Earns Highest Ranking in Corporate Governance Evaluation Six Years in a Row

May 4, 2020 at 5:47 AM EDT
TLC is the only listed biotech company to achieve the elite status every year

and TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TLC (Nasdaq: TLC, TWO: 4152), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company developing novel nanomedicines to target areas of unmet medical need in pain management, ophthalmology and oncology, today announced that it has been ranked in the Top 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation amongst all Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) listed companies in the sixth annual evaluation, becoming the only biotech company to have received this status for six consecutive years.

Evaluation indicators include protecting shareholder rights and interests, treating shareholders equitably, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice. In the sixth annual evaluation, bonus points were given for disclosure of items including transfer of information, salary and remuneration information and security risks. All 901 TWSE- and 699 TPEx-listed companies were evaluated; the two groups were then separately ranked and categorized into seven brackets of Top 5%, 6% to 20%, 21% to 35%, 36% to 50%, 51% to 65%, 66% to 80%, and 81% to 100%. Among all 1,600 companies, TLC was the only biotech company to have remained in the Top 5% since the establishment of the evaluation system, once again solidifying its status as a benchmark for companies in the biotech landscape.

About TLC

TLC (NASDAQ: TLC, TWO: 4152) is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of novel nanomedicines that maximize the potential of its proprietary lipid-assembled drug delivery platform (LipAD®). TLC’s deep experience with liposome science allows a combination of onset speed and benefit duration, improving active drug concentrations while decreasing unwanted systemic exposures. TLC’s BioSeizer® technology is designed to enable local sustained release of therapeutic agents at the site of disease or injury; its NanoX™ active drug loading technology has been proven in two approved drugs and is designed to alter the systemic exposure of a drug, potentially reducing dosing frequency and enhancing distribution of liposome-encapsulated active agents to the desired site. These technologies are versatile in the choice of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and scalable with respect to manufacturing. TLC has a diverse, wholly owned portfolio of therapeutics that target areas of unmet medical need in pain management, ophthalmology, and oncology.


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